Our Process


Esteem Wealth Partners is a financial planning and investment management firm backed by the extensive resources and elite strength of Northwestern Mutual. Through our comprehensive planning process, we use a unique goals-based approach, as opposed to a portfolio-based approach, to develop your financial plan and deliver on our mission.

From the moment you connect with our team, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals by moving you through our dedicated process:

  • Goal Discovery Meeting
  • Analysis and Recommendations Discussion
  • Plan and Strategy Development
  • Ongoing Updates and Review

Goal Discovery Meeting: During this initial meeting, our team helps to identify your most important goals and priorities. After the meeting, we analyze your current situation and develop a written, personalized financial plan tailored to your goals and individual needs. Our planning process involves the expertise of all our team members to ensure we deliver a plan that not only addresses your goals, but also life's curve balls. We work diligently to structure quality, consistent portfolios that aim to achieve the goals of your plan. These portfolios are tax-efficient, suited to your needs, and monitored on a daily basis.

Analysis and Recommendations Discussion: Upon completion, we will set up a time to review your analysis, discuss its strengths and weaknesses, and give you recommendations based on your goals. Throughout this review and discussion, we will educate you on the pros and cons of pursuing different directions, because ultimately your plan centers around you.

Plan and Strategy Development: After we discuss your plan in its entirety, we work together to determine how to best implement our recommendations and help you meet your goals.

Ongoing Updates and Review: As a client, you will have meetings with our team on a regular basis to review your overall plan and its implementation. Our online digital experience, as well as our intuitive apps, allow you to track your progress anywhere, in real-time, where you are connected to your plan within a matter of seconds. 

Just like life, your financial plan is ever changing. At Esteem Wealth Partners, our goal is to serve at the center of your financial world, giving you the peace of mind to focus on the things that matter most.



  • Corporate executives with complex compensation packages
  • Procter & Gamble executives looking to maximize corporate benefits
  • Professionals seeking tax planning strategies
  • Established business owners looking for succession planning
  • Business owners looking to grow their business
  • Medical professionals
  • Professionals preparing for retirement
  • Retirees looking to efficiently distribute assets
  • Families looking for charitable giving strategies
  • Families preparing for education costs
  • Professionals seeking debt management strategies

 "We serve at the center of our clients' financial lives, creating peace of mind and freedom to pursue their passions and accomplish their life's goals."